From the Chairman's Desk

Welcome to BIOSTADT

The idea started over 25 years ago as a modest venture in the area of seaweed-based technology acquired from the US, has now flourished into a full-blown, diversified organization operating all over India and in several parts of the globe.


Over a period of time, Biostadt has diversified into a range of seaweed-based biotechnological inputs, using fermentation technology, under the well-known brand of 'Biozyme'.


It is also into crop protection chemicals, representing renowned Japanese multinationals such as Mitsui, Hokko, Sumitomo, etc., covering a range of applications in insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and weedicides. It has also ventured into a range of Aquaculture products for pond management, having an alert field force to cover the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.


Recently Biostadt has entered into a 50/50 joint venture in Vietnam known as Vinh Thinh Joint Stock Company which will focus in area of Aquaculture and diversify in area of agrochemicals covering the Indo-China region.


Through our International division, our products are sold over 20 countries across the globe. Our major focus is our brand WOKOZIM. The fermentation based biotechnological inputs have acceptance by farmers all over the world.


Biostadt has made its foray into the huge, untapped market of Hybrid Seeds, both for field crops as well as vegetable hybrids.


In the area of hybrid seeds, the joint venture is called Biostadt MH Seeds. The partner of this joint venture is a world renowned seeds technologist, Dr. Kuldeep R. Chopra, erstwhile owner and shareholder of Mahendra Hybrid Seeds. The MH Seeds R&D is been approved by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. This joint venture is entrusted with the task of research and production of hybrid seeds, which is marketed by a dedicated seeds sales team of Biostadt India Limited.


The organization is fuelled by a young, professional and self-motivated team of 700 Biostadtians out of which 100 are working in our wholly owned subsidiary, Biostadt Europe, in the Philippines. This is the second biggest market for Biostadt outside India.


The success of Biostadt would not have been possible without the dynamism of our people. Each bird in our tri-bird logo represents Speed, Growth and Teamwork, which has inspired Biostadtians to reach out to our visionary goal of achieving 1000 cr by 2018.


Chairman & Managing Director