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Biozyme Fruit + Liquid


Trade Name Biozyme Fruit + Liquid
Common Name Seaweed Based



  • Biozyme Fruit Plus

Without Biozyme Fruit + nutrition of fruit plant…………is incomplete.
  • Uniform and more number of fruits.
  • Increases weight of the fruits.
  • Improves colour of the fruits.
  • Improves keeping quality of the fruits.
  • Increases productive life of the fruit plant.
Results at YPSP University (Himachal Pradesh):
Tested And Recommended By:
  • Dr. YPS Parmar University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Krishi Vidhya Peeth, ICAR.
  • Indian Institute of Horticulture Research, Hisargatta.
  • Food and Technology Department, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Last but most important………real users of the Biozyme Fruit Plus.
Time and Dose of Application of Biozyme Fruit+ Granules:
  • At nursery stage - Put 50g per plant after removing the upper layer of soil.
  • For small plants - Apply 500g per plant twice in a year.
  • For big trees – Apply 1-2 Kg per tree along with granular fertilizer application.
  • Time of Application (Inflorescence):
    • Better fruit setting and reduces fruit drop.
    • Better fruit growth and development.
    • Faster recovery from the healing injuries.
    • Increase resistant to pest and disease and adverse climatic conditions.
  • Time of Application (Fruit Development) :
    • Uniform and increased size of the fruits.
    • Increased weight of the fruits.
    • Improved bright colour of the fruits.
    • Improved shelf life of the fruits.

Biozyme Fruit+ for good quality fruit crop



Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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