Hybrid Seeds


Biostadt Hi-Q Seeds - Cultivating Success


Success of a company is reflected in the happiness of the end-consumer. Biostadt India Limited staunchly believes in this and has a thorough sense of the farmers pulse.  


Enriched with 19 years of experience with farmers, BIL shares a fabulous one-on-one rapport with them. Through extensive distribution networks, Biostadt is able to study needs of different markets owing to diverse agro-climatic conditions as well as changing farmer requirements. Powered with state-of-the-art research technology, Biostadt Hi-Q Seeds has recently launched numerous superior quality hybrid seeds. 


Hi-Q, as the name suggests, focuses on maintaining the highest quality parameters. Starting from the time of seed production, the seeds are passed through a series of stringent quality control assessments. Before delivery to the marketing channels in India, the seeds are tested, processed, treated and packaged by a team of qualified personnel.  


 Hi-Q Seeds now has a wide range of field crop products in pearl millet, sorghum, sunflower, paddy, bt cotton and also has a good range of vegetable crop products in okra, bottlegourd, bittergourd and watermelon.